Free bet every Friday!

Free bet every Friday! Betfair offers unique promotions every Friday and offers its players a free bet! Join the Friday madness and win a bonus of up to 250 €!

How to do it

  • Login to your customer Betfair account , or register
  • From Monday to Thursday deposit € 550 or more in any game in the Arcade (except the Real Deal Generator, Top Trumps, table games, video poker and Quickplay game) .
  • Friday afternoon visit Betfair Arcade. Your free bet will be automatically credited after one hour CET. Entry into some Real Play Arcade game and see the size of the free bet you have received.
  • Free bet can be used to Friday midnight .

You can use the promotion "Feel Good Fridays" up to Friday, May 27, 2011 . Value of a free bet will be within the range € 5.5 to € 275! Two randomly selected customers every week also receive Feel Good Friday bonus at 275€ ! Let´s play!

Free casino games in Betfair

Betfair also offers all sorts of free casino games. If you wanna play just for fun, no problem! Enjoy free online roulette, have fun with free online slots, practice your card magic with free online poker and most of all have a great time playing in online casino!

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|  01.11.2011

Get extra bonus to every deposit!

Get extra bonus to every deposit!

Deposit your money safely, quickly and get an extra bonus!

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John s.

John s. won today 188,75 $

David D.

David D. won today 220,00 $

Steve F.

Steve F. won today 225,00 $

David  B.

David  B. won today 101,25 $

George K.

George K. won today 53,75 $

Monica G.

Monica G. won today 112,50 $

Steve G.

Steve G. won today 122,50 $

Supriya I.

Supriya I. won today 158,75 $

Rhys J.

Rhys J. won today 102,50 $

Stevi R.

Stevi R. won today 206,25 $

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