Unibet Takes on the French Online Casino Market

Unibet Takes on the French Online Casino Market After a long wait, Unibet is finally opening to the French Online Gaming market.

October has been a very busy month for the French online gaming market. Many operators left the French market after the government set up new gaming regulations making it harder for online sites to make money. However, the sports betting company, Unibet is not one of them.

Unibet which is based in Sweden sent in its application for an online gaming licence back in May and has been waiting for approval until now. Before the French ban on foreign gaming operators, Unibet was offering gaming services in the country - that means casino games such as online roulette, online slots, online poker, online bingo and ot of other casino games. Everybody could play casino games free or for money. Online casino Unibet also offered popular sports betting. The company is now finally able to reopen its doors to its French players.

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The CEO Henrik Tjarnstrom claims that this is just the first of many steps for the company. They hope to build a large French audience which will allow for major expansion and company growth. However, because of the recent government regulations on the industry, the company still needs to prove that it can make enough money to justify their presence in the French market. The country has one of the highest tax brackets for the gaming industry which is why many operators chose to leave the market altogether. Unibet are hoping to live up to expectations and remain in the French market for a long time to come.


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|  01.11.2011

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