Betting strategies in online roulette

Online roulette can bring you great profits. You only have to know how it works so you can use it for your profit. Based on this, there are several strategies, which decrease the risk of loss. 

Do not play randomly and under the influence of negative emotions. Let yourself be guided by proven strategies, which will assure you long-term winning in online roulette. These strategies are not welcome in regular casinos but in online casinos you can use whatever you want.  

Choose a strategie that will fit you the most. We recommend to try everything for free on online roulette and then you can start playing for real money.


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|  01.11.2011

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Supriya I.

Supriya I. won today 31,25 $

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David  B. won today 172,50 $

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Miron M. won today 123,75 $

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Stuart R. won today 92,50 $

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Anthony S. won today 186,25 $

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Gareth  D. won today 42,50 $

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Mihkel R. won today 182,50 $

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Michael G. won today 201,25 $

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