Winning in online roulette

Longtime winning in online roulette is possible. You need to follow several basic rules. If you start with online roulette, please try the following procedure which will help you get closer to nice prizes. 


Play only online roulette – real casinos will not give you any entry bonus and will not allow you to play by strategies. 


First try the online roulette for free and only then start to bet real money. 


Play according to proven roulette strategies – it will raise your chances to win.


Choose a low basic bet – for example a roulette for 0,1 €.


Have on your table at least 100 times more than your basic bet (professionals recommend at least 300 times more) – some strategies require high capital.


Determine your ceiling of wins and losses and when you reach it, stop playing.


Start with french roulette – it is a single zero roulette so there is a higher chance to win.


Use the so called free spins – to spin the roulette for free – you can save money.



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|  01.11.2011

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Get extra bonus to every deposit!

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Nedim C.

Nedim C. won today 227,50 $

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John s. won today 188,75 $

David D.

David D. won today 220,00 $

Steve F.

Steve F. won today 225,00 $

David  B.

David  B. won today 101,25 $

George K.

George K. won today 53,75 $

Monica G.

Monica G. won today 112,50 $

Steve G.

Steve G. won today 122,50 $

Supriya I.

Supriya I. won today 158,75 $

Rhys J.

Rhys J. won today 102,50 $

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